September 5, 2011

99 Fishing
99 Construction
99 Woodcutting

Maxed cape.

Monks, used up planks from slayer and luckily had done enough assists that I was only 300k away. I could have waited 10 days and done assists but wanted it done before bonus xp weekend.
Woodcutting sawmill. Love it.

Did not have a party. Told a handful of friends and that was it.

September 4, 2011

Got 99 Cooking to end August. There's a nice gap between raw and cooked sharks and they buy and sell easily. I took advantage of this to get cooking done, do some chatting with friends and make some GP. I'm getting close to maxing now and don't think I'm going to have the patience to wait a month for 99 construction.

And then today got 99 Magic and 99 Fletching. Livid farm combination maging and making bolts. I have a bunch of diamond tipped bolts that won't sell anytime soon. But I don't need the monty right now so I put them in the GE hoping that they will clear out before bxpw. Otherwise it'll be a long while. I still need 300k livid farm points to be done with it but for now I don't want to go anywhere near there for awhile.

Down to 3 more skills and less then 500k til max. I wanted to get done before bonus xp weekend. Partly, I want to be done. Partly, I want to dungeoneer.

August 30th, 2011

Well the bad news is my main gaming computer died. Waiting to replace it but in the meantime there's no way I can dungeoneer. I'm playing on safe settings on my very old computer.

Mostly been camped at livid farm. Getting group vengeance will take awhile, but it'll be good for dungeoneering and it should just about get me 99 magic. So focusing more on maxing while my computer is getting replaced.

After a few days there I really started to hate it. I pretty much do the energize/flower bunches and then fertilize. Sometimes I do the construction and less often the flower identification. Then I get a burst and do everything for a few cycles. Then I get distracted, and go back to my slow method. Think I've gotten about 200k produce points the last few days.

And today our Citadel updated. Did a bunch of mining (citadels are fantastic for xp, don't let anyone fool you otherwise) and got 99 Mining. Realized that the circus updated and did that for 99 Range. Realized that there is a decent price difference between raw and cooked shark so now working on finishing off cooking.

August 20th, 2011

105 Dungeoneering. Finally feeling really comfortable with the skill. My teams are pretty consistently around the 30 minute mark as long as nobody gets disconnected. I realize there are groups who go faster but that's about the speed that causes my computer to get bad door lag. I really wish the skill had come out earlier in my Runescaping. But then again, being higher levels does it make it easier.

As much as Jagex got criticized for the "minigame" of it I think they did a lot of things right. There is a good time to take lower leveled people, you have to work as a team, you can't buy your way to being overpowered and dominating.

Would love to see a minigame for it though pitting two teams against each other. No keys. Race through doing guardian doors, puzzles and things of that nature. Points for kills, doors, puzzles etc.

August 15, 2011

99 Crafting. That entire last level was a combination of livid farm, helping friends with effigy assists and standing around daemonheim making airstaves while waiting for teams to form, and doing dungeons. Slow and cheap.

That leaves the following for maxing:

Ranged-Circus and using a bow on my c1 floors. Might go kill some chompy birds.

Mining-Dungeons plus citadel mining plus an occasional star

Woodcutting-Dungeons plus citadel plus clan ring

Cooking-Cook the fish I get for 99 Fishing

Fishing-Dungeons and maybe some rocktails

Fletching-Was doing diamond bolts, then broad bolts, then maples. Probably just keep doing it while waiting for teams

Magic-Livid Farm plus circus plus dungeons

Construction-Assists plus livid farm plus dungeons

August 11, 2011

Nightly construction assists are paying off with 98 Construction. And otherwise been doing nothing but dungeoneering. 104 Dungeoneering tonight.

Yes, I realize I could be maxed by now. Less then 5million xp. But I really enjoy dungeoneering and feel no hurry to get maxed. Got into a team that regularly gets floors less then 40 minutes without fighting and screaming. Going to keep running with them. The crazy thing is, at this pace, I won't get 120 dungeoneering for over a year. Not that I'm pushing that hard. Getting around 200k xp a day there and then wandering off.

August 4, 2011

98 Fletching. Still hating it. Only reason it's moving up is I wait for dungeoneering teams or I go to livid farm and work it. At dungeons I make bows (using up random wood). At livid farm I do just the fertilizing, energizing Pauline and the flower bunching. If I feel up to it I'll do the construction bits but mostly I skip it. Then put together 100 bolts and start over again. Otherwise both are just too boring.

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